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NEW! Buxom Buxom® Mascara Bar & Buxom Vanity Lash Mascara

NEW! Buxom Buxom® Mascara Bar

Price: $11.00 Each

Product Description:

"A collection of seven mascara brushes, each customized for a head-turning lash effect.

Introducing the first ever customizable Buxom® Mascara Bar—exclusively at Sephora. These seven sexy brushes are each specialized to thicken, volumize, curl, define, lengthen, lift, or detail lashes. There’s one to satisfy every fringe fetish, so no matter your lash mood, there’s a unique brush that’s up to the task.

Pair your favorite brush with Buxom’s volumizing Vanity Lash Mascara (not included). This powerhouse formula is exclusively designed to work across all Buxom Mascara Bar brushes and contains biotin and provitamin B5 to help strengthen and create sultry, luxuriously customized lashes."

Image Source & Info: SEPHORA

Use With:

NEW! Buxom Vanity Lash Mascara

Price: $22.00

Color: Show-Off Black

Product Description:

"A mascara that volumizes lashes to their maximum potential for full, stand-out eyelashes.

Designed to work with one of the seven Buxom Mascara Bar brushes, this mascara can be paired with your favorite brush style for a customized lash look that volumizes, lengthens, and defines eyelashes. Its multitasking formula contains biotin and provitamin B5 to help strengthen lashes, leaving them looking long and sultry."

Image Source & Info: SEPHORA

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