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My First Ever Made From Scratch Meal At My New Kitchen!

My First Ever Made-From-Scratch-Meal At My New Kitchen!

Hey guys!

I am proud to present you with my First Ever Made-From-Scratch-Meal At My New Kitchen!

As some of you may know, I recently moved to my new house. I never really enjoyed cooking at all! However, I challenged myself to at least start attempting to cook once I moved to my own home. Well, yesterday was the day! I made a Lasagna! It took me about 2.9 hours total, but let me tell you that I feel so accomplished! I followed a recipe of course! Regardless, my husband said it was AMAZING! I am usually good at following directions, so I figured I could start trying out recipes while I learn to cook from my own ideas. I followed that recipe to the most detailed extent, and I think the results came out fantastic!

So, with this being said, I officially announce that I will be sharing recipes on my blog and possibly videos!

This is going to be a great journey for me and I feel really excited to share it with you guys!

Here I have the pictures from my new Cooking Life Adventures:

  I will be posting the recipe and the details soon! Stay Tuned!

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