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Vivi Brizuela

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Hi Lovelies!

Here I share all the things I love and I am passionate about.
Beauty, Fashion, Product Reviews/Launches, Trends, and most importantly, Inner Beauty.

Jesus My All ♥
Beauty starts on the inside and is reflected on the outside. 

Proverbs 31:10


Other than loving anything Beauty & Fashion related:

Jesus is my EVERYTHING 

I am so happily married to the love of my life Edgardo "Eggy" Trevino which is also a Blogger! He does men's fashion, motivation, and lifestyle 

I also LOVE Computers & Technology - I am actually a Super GEEK Techie Girly Girl. I studied Computer Programming & Analysis (I love Coding, Programming, HTML, Video Editing, anything techie related) In class, I was usually the only girl with pink devices and makeup 
My full time job is Applications Analyst - Information Systems 

I love Interior Decoration/ Interior Design/ Home Decor 

I am a proud LATINA! I was born in Argentina, raised in Cuba and Mexico (Such a mix right! I get to enjoy the best of Chimichurri, Rice and Beans, and Tacos!) 

My favorite food is Pasta and Seafood 

My favorite color is Pink 

My favorite flowers are Orchids!

The best time is time spent with my family and friends 

How Did My Blog Start?

I had a great passion for Makeup and Fashion since I was a little girl. At one point when I was around 12 years old, I decided that I wanted to become a Fashion designer and I started making my own clothes. I used to tell my mom to take me to the fabric store. I would pick up different fabrics, and started sawing my own clothes! Later, when my mom let me wear makeup for the first time, my passion for Makeup started. I always loved buying makeup and having my own makeup collection, but from the first day I started wearing makeup all the way until High school, I would pretty much wear the same look; Blue Eye Shadow and a Black Liquid Eyeliner. Everybody knew me for that look. That was like my signature look. For that reason, the year I graduated High School, I decided that I wanted to learn about professional makeup. One night I sat down with my computer, opened YouTube, searched for "Smokey Eyes" and for the next 5 hours my Makeup passion just EXPLODED! I was totally in shock. I could not believe all the things I learned that night. The next day I was sooooo excited. I grabbed my sister, I told her all the things I had learned, and that day we went to the MAC store! My official Makeup Collection had just started...

Right after that day, my sister and I would get off work, go buy makeup, and then practice on each other.

For the next 5 years, I learned so much about Makeup and Fashion, and my passion continued to grow more and more. I watched tons and tons of YouTube videos! I also started reading all types of Magazines, Blogs, and Forums. Some of the first people I started watching are no longer on YouTube ;(

some others were kuuipo1207, EnKoreMakeup, Julie G, PurseBuzz, and ItsJudyTime. Besides Computers and Technology which is my other passion, all I talked about was Makeup, Fashion, Tips, and sharing information about new products and trends with my family and friends.

So, after 5 years, I decided to open my own Website and make YouTube videos. Besides talking about Makeup and Fashion, I also wanted to talk about Jesus, and the things He has done in my life. I wanted to have a space where other women could also know their value and how important they are for God. November 23, 2011 came, and it finally happened, I opened my own Website and wrote my First Blog Post. In the begging I actually didn't announce it. I was really afraid of what people could say, if they were going to like what I was going to post, and what I was going to record. So, I only told my close family and a few friends. Also, the original name I had was "Belanova Makeup". After a couple of months, I had only done a few posts and recorded just a couple of videos. But at that moment I still didn't want to announce it yet. I started praying to God and I felt that I needed to change my name. I wanted something that I could be identified with. The first two things that came to my mind were "Orchids" and the color "Pink". Orchids are my ultimate favorite flowers ever and Pink is my favorite color. So that is how "Pink Orchid Makeup" came to be...

From my favorite flower and my favorite color. Once I had the official name, I announced it to the world on July 11, 2012. At that time, I was finally ready and I was super excited to share this passion and dream with all my friends and family. Right after that, I prayed about an official bible verse for Pink Orchid Makeup, and the Lord gave me 1 Peter 3:3-4, which is a beautiful bible verse that talks about how internal beauty is the most important beauty for God and it is everlasting. Finally, on December 17, 2012, I uploaded the official Introduction To Pink Orchid Makeup YouTube Channel. Actually, for an interesting fact my first videos were not recorded with a fancy camera or anything like that. My first videos were recorded straight from my iPhone. Since that time, thanks to you guys, Pink Orchid Makeup has grown so much! We are now a member of some of the most influential Networks, as well as magazines in the US and International. I can't believe all the time that has gone by since I started this amazing journey sharing my dreams and passion with you guys. First I thank God for opening great door for me. Secondly, I want to thank my husband because he is the one that contrinutes taking pictures, videos, helping me and supporting me with all this. And of course, Pink Orchid Makeup will not be possible without you guys, my readers, my subscribers which are my friends. 

Thanks for all your love and support always!

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