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“Beauty Grew All Around” Video + #ShareBeauty Contest Worth $2,000 From Regency Beauty Institute & Refinery29!

“Beauty Grew All Around” Video + #ShareBeautyContest Worth $2,000 From Regency Beauty Institute & Refinery29!

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Hi Guys!

Today I want to share with you a little bit of advice/encouraging words for those who are considering a career in the Beauty industry, or perhaps you are already working as one.

Most parents usually encourage us to study something “Honorable” like Medicine, Law, Engineering, etc. This is definitely not a bad thing, those are wonderful careers. However, no job or career is less honorable as those I mentioned. In my case, I had a passion for beauty, fashion, and computers since I was a little girl. My parents never told me what I needed to study; they did want me to choose what I wanted. Yet, I was encouraged to study something that would be profitable and long lasting. After graduating High School, I had a few choices in mind but I decided to go with the fastest and most profitable at that time. I started College right away seeking a career in Nursing. After a few months in, I realized Nursing was not for me. Beauty and Fashion were in my mind, but I didn't think I could make a career out of them. After a few months, I decided to go with my other passion, Computers. It was definitely the hardest one, but it was something I did enjoy. Meanwhile, my passion for Beauty and Fashion grew more and more. I wanted to learn more about makeup, so I started watching YouTube Videos.

Since the first YouTube Video I watched, my passion just exploded! I was learning more and more every day. After a few years of learning about professional makeup and Fashion, I started my own Blog and YouTube channel. This is how Pink Orchid Makeup was born. It is really an amazing feeling to be able to share with others this great passion and talent. Lots of women are in great need of someone who can encourage them and lift their self-esteem. That is exactly what I do at Pink Orchid Makeup. I talk about all things Beauty, Makeup, Fashion, but most importantly Internal Beauty. Beauty starts from the inside and it is reflected on the outside 1 Peter 3:3-4.

I now have a career in Computers which I love, but I was also able to fulfill my passion for Makeup and Fashion through my blog and YouTube. Beauty, Makeup, and Fashion are real careers. Don't ever let anyone say that they are not. If you feel you have the same passion and talent go for it!
Some time ago I heard a phrase which has stuck with me since: Make your paycheck your passion! 

If you don’t know where to start, visit a cosmetology school website to find out more information on how to get started. I personally have heard great things about the Regency Beauty Institute and that is the reason I accepted to promote this post. Regency Beauty Institute is a Cosmetology school. This institute is one of the leading cosmetology schools in the nation. They have 88 campuses across the country and have been able to grow over the years by taking an innovative approach to learning and helping students to turn their creativity into beautiful careers. Also they started this campaign called #ShareBeauty. I think they are doing an amazing job encouraging women to make our own world a more beautiful place! Follow Your Dreams! Never quit!

For even more encouragement watch this short video >>>> “Beauty Grew All Around”

Also, the Regency Beauty Institute & Refinery29 created a great CONTEST/GIVEAWAY!

#ShareBeautyContest Worth $2,000!

One winner will be chosen following the end of the contest. Each person who enters will have the opportunity to win a customized VIP Beauty Treatment valued $2,000!
$1,000 Sephora gift card plus a day of pampering!

3 Simple Steps To Enter!

• Take a photo
• Share it on Instagram (Your account must be public.)
• Hashtag each photo with #ShareBeautyContest

This contest runs from July 8th-August 13th.


Don't let the #ShareBeauty conversation end here, keep it alive by sharing and tagging posts with the #ShareBeauty hashtag! Pass the word and encourage others :D

"Beauty Grew All Around" By Regency Beauty Institute

Thank you Regency Beauty for sponsoring today's discussion and helping me #ShareBeauty

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