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YoDerm Your Online Dermatologist

A few weeks ago I was contacted to try a pretty new and innovative online concept: YoDerm Your Online Dermatologist. 


YoDerm is the easiest way to get a prescription acne medication from a dermatologist and treating your acne without leaving your home. 

This is how YoDerm works:

Step 1: Choose a Dermatologist

Step 2: Create a Medical Profile

Step 3: Receive Treatment



No traffic. No waiting rooms. Get a dermatology consultation and prescription within 24 hours.

$59 per consultation. No Subscriptions. No hidden charges. 100% satisfied or it's free.

Prescription medications deliver faster and more effective results. Discover clear skin today!

My Opinion:

First of all I have to say that the entire experience was exactly like YoDerm describes it on their website. It is affordable, so easy to follow thru, and super convenient!

Since my husband had been experiencing a lot of acne issues, I decided to test this program with him. Just like the claims say, we choose the Dermatologist (Includes Dermatologist profile and short bio), created a medical profile, uploaded the pictures (left profile, right profile, front profile, and back), and we received the consultation back within 3 hours!

(by the way we did everything from our phone and did not have a single problem with any of the steps. The website was totally mobile friendly, including the picture upload process)



We were really surprised on how fast and effective everything was. The doctor even asked where we wanted the prescription medications sent (we chose our local pharmacy). The next day the medications were ready for pick up at our local pharmacy. 

Besides the prescriptions, the doctor suggested a 2-month follow up consultation to review his progress and adjust any medications as necessary. At exactly two months, my husband had a follow up consultation ready to be accessed. 

Overall we totally loved it and recommend it!

If interested, save $10.00 off your first consultation by accessing the link below:

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