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Teeth Whitening: A Crucial Step In My Beauty Routine

Teeth Whitening: A Crucial Step In My Beauty Routine

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Can you tell I love makeup? 
Yes, I thought so :D
But as much as I love makeup, I also love to take care of both my internal and external beauty. Having white teeth is extremely crucial in my beauty routine. I've always been conscious about my teeth, not only because I want to look good for my videos or makeup photos, but because I want my teeth to look and be as healthy as possible. Just like my mom would always tell me, the sooner we start taking care of our teeth, the healthier they will be later on and the easier to maintain. Throughout the years I have tried several teeth whitening methods, but of course I always look for the fastest and healthier way to do it. This new tooth paste Colgate® Optic White® Platinum Express White does exactly that! Fast, safe, and easy teeth whitening. This product claims to work within 3 days but I actually started to see a difference on the second day (Washing my teeth 3 times per day). The best part is that all I need to do is brush my teeth! which is definitely less hassle than other methods.

I have used other Colgate® products before and really enjoyed them, but what I love the most about the new Colgate® Optic White® Express White is that it works faster because it contains 2 times the amount of Hydrogen Peroxide (vs. Optic White Sparkling Mint toothpaste). As you may know, Hydrogen Peroxide is the professionally recommended whitening ingredient. I also love that it does not cause any irritation to my gums which I know might be a problem for some people with sensitive teeth.

If you are not already including teeth whitening as part of your beauty routine I recommend to start now. Like I mentioned earlier, not only because it looks more attractive and appealing but to take care of the health of your teeth. From my experience I can guarantee it will be much easier to maintain later on.

Who needs an expensive whitening treatment now right!?
With this cost-effective method there are no more excuses why not to take care of our external beauty. I am really glad that more and more brands like Colgate® are offering us the availability of having affordable alternatives and easier-to-use products.

Overall Opinion: Definitely recommended. It is safe, easy, and specially it works fast!

More Info about this product:

Colgate® Optic White® Express White Toothpaste has 3 sizes available: 3oz, 4.5oz, and a 1.45oz travel size. The 1.45oz travel size will hit select stores on March 14th.

I purchased mine at Walmart. Check your local Walmart store because they may have some coupons available.

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