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PRODUCT REVIEW: NVEY Eco Makeup - Pure Organic Makeup Artistry

PRODUCT REVIEW: NVEY Eco Makeup - Pure Organic Makeup Artistry

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DISCLAIMER: I received these products for review purposes. However, my opinion is always based on my own personal experience with the product/service and it will never be influenced by a company.

NVEY Eco Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation, Advance Care Lip Colour, and Eye Shadow

Product Details:

NVEY Eco Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation

Price: $28.00

"Organic Chamomile, Vitamin E organic Safflower Oil combine to create this soothing, moisturising and aromatic liquid foundation. This luxurious formula assists dry and sensitive skins. Tinted using natural earth elements, NVEY ECO Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation is available in a range of colours for a natural everyday radiance.

-Enriched with Vitamins A, C, E
-Oil Free, Fragrance Free
-Evens skin tone"

My Opinion:

First of all I have to say that I love the fact that this line is truly certified organic!
All the ingredients they use are amazing for the skin and not damaging. As far as the foundation, the color I picked up was 514 Cool Natural and unfortunately it was a little bit light for my skin. Speaking about the coverage, I feel it is a light to medium coverage. For some reason my skin did not like the formula on this foundation. In despite of the great moisturizing ingredients, it did not blend well on my skin. First I tried to apply it with a beauty blender and it was a fail. Then I tried a foundation brush as you see in one of the pictures above, but it was also not blending well. Finally I just applied it with my fingers and that is when it blended much better. However, it felt a little sticky as it was just not setting down on my face. I am not sure if it is because of the ingredients, or my skin was just very dry. This foundation is supposed to give you the moisture needed for dry skin, but it just did not work well with my particular skin type. 

NVEY Eco Advanced Care Lip Colour

Price: $16.99

"NVEY ECO's Advanced Care Lipstick delivers vibrant and natural colour compositions with enhanced nourishing ingredients. An organic Castor Oil base combined with soothing safflower, beeswax and Vitamin E provides antioxidant and nourishing properties for soft, smooth lip colour application. Best applied with NVEY ECO's - ECO Friendly Lip Brush.

- Longwearing

- Organic Ingredients

- Nourishing with Vitamin E and Shea Butter

- Fashion colours in over 16 shades"

My Opinion:

Loved it, loved it, loved it!
Super creamy, moisturizing, and pigmented. This lipstick feels so good on the lips. I love that it is enriched with Organic Jojoba, Safflower, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E. What else can you ask from a lipstick! The color I tried is just called 374 and it was the perfect "My Lips But Better Color". I absolutely loved this formula, and it was very long lasting. I definitely recommend this line of lipsticks specially if you are looking for a moisturizing/creamy formula.   

NVEY Eco Eye Shadow

Price: $17.99

"Talc free and formulated using soothing organic elements of corn starch, chamomile and jojoba oil, with added Antioxidants Vitamins A,C & E to create a smooth and soft formula, excellent for dry and sensitive skins. Best applied with NVEY ECOs - ECO Friendly Eyeshadow Brush.

* Richly pigmented

* Organic Ingredients

* Easy blending, long wearing

* Inspirational choice of shades

* Enriched with Vitamins"

My Opinion:
I just love all the ingredients Nvey Eco uses on all their products!
This particular eye shadow is talc free, and contains organic elements of corn starch, chamomile, jojoba oil, and added Antioxidants Vitamins A,C & E. When I first swatched it I felt it did not have a lot of pigmentation. However, after I applied a second layer it totally amazed me! The pigmentation is great as you can see in the pictures above. This color that I used is 158 Brown Sugar. The formula is matte and it is incredible as a transition color on the crease. The eyeshadow was so easy to blend and the color payoff is awesome. I also love that each eye shadow comes in a convenient packaging with a mirror. I definitely recommend these eye shadows!

Overall Opinion:
If you are looking for a true organic makeup brand, look no more. Excellent products, excellent ingredients, certified organic, and they contain vitamins and antioxidants!

If interested, you can purchase these product HERE

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