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NEW! Sigma Beauty Steady Glow Collection

NEW! Sigma Beauty Steady Glow Collection

Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Palette - Brilliant & Spellbinding

Price: $39.00

Shades: Hiatus, Solstice, Healthy, Languid, Radiant, Balmy, 10, Spellbinding, Sensational, Bloom,
Fey, IG2

Product Description:

"The Sigma Beauty Brilliant & Spellbinding Eye Shadow Palette includes twelve toasty-bronze shades created to achieve a sun-lit, shimmery glow and beach goddess effect. Paraben-free."

Sigma Beauty Inner Rim Brightener

Price: $9.00

Shades: Final Touch, Polished, Unclouded

Product Description:

"The Inner Rim Brightener is an instant eye enhancer. Any discoloration is tempered with these soft and creamy kohl liners. Smooth along the inner rim of the eye or use through the lower lash line for a brightening effect. The Inner Rim Brightener can also double as an inner eye and under the eyebrow highlighter when blended out with a brush. Paraben-free."

Sigma Beauty Individual Lip Vex Collection

Price: $10.00

Shades: Chill Out, Dazzling, Skinny Dip, Steady Glow, Vivid

Product Description:

"The Individual Lip Vex Collection was designed to complement any look desired. All lip glosses contain an opaque, smooth and creamy finish and are paraben-free."

Sigma Beauty Loose Shimmer

Price: $12.00

Shades: Ambrosia, Gilded, Lush, Midsummer, Ravishing

Product Description:

"The Loose Shimmer is a powder product for use wherever you like. Use as a shadow on the eyes, for facial highlighting or mix with your lip gloss. The finish is almost foil-like when worn full strength or subtly shimmery when used minimally. The shimmer is dimensional and loose to create an ethereal effect. Paraben-free"

Sigma Beauty Shimmer Cream

Price: $16.00

Shades: Brilliant, Sultry, Superb

Product Description:

"The Shimmer Cream is a versatile product that can be used as a brightener anywhere on the face. Use to highlight and contour or blend a small amount over your cupids or smoothing a small amount down the center of your nose. The overall effect illuminates a happy and healthy glow! Paraben-free."

Image Source & Info: Sigma Beauty

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