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Prenatal Clases: Comfort Measures for Labor and Birth and The Gift of Motherhood - Florida Hospital

Continuing with my Maternity and Delivery series, here I share my experience with the Prenatal  classes we took at Florida Hospital.


After taking these prenatal classes I truly believe they are imperative for parents-to-be, as well as parents. The classes we took were "Comfort Measures for Labor and Birth" and "The Gift of Motherhood". Both of these classes provided an immense amount of knowledge and understanding which is totally crucial for this journey.

Speaking from experience, parents-to-be usually receive lots of advise from family and friends in regards to baby topics. However, prenatal classes will always give you the most accurate and up to date information available. We truly learned great techniques and found answers to questions we had about maternity and labor topics.

I also loved the convenience of the different class locations offered by Florida Hospital. In our case, we went to two different locations (Comfort Measures for Labor and Birth - Florida Hospital Celebration and The Gift of Motherhood - Florida Hospital Winter Park) in order to accommodate our schedules.

Overall, we are so glad we were able to attend these classes and totally recommend checking them out! They also have so many other great classes to choose from. Check out the full list HERE!

Below is more information on each individual class.

Comfort Measures for Labor and Birth

A certified childbirth educator, will teach you and your support person comfort measures and relaxation techniques to help you during your labor and birth. Topics covered include relaxation, breathing excercises, birthing balls and massage. A basic knowledge of Prepared Childbirth education is essential to getting the most out of these techiniques. It is highly recommended that you attend a childbirth education class Before or After taking this course. Be advised that this course covers comfort measures and relaxation techniques only. It does not cover the labor and delivery process.

Location: Choose location

What to bring: Please wear comfortable clothing (a pillow is optional).

Click HERE to book!




The Gift of Motherhood One Day Childbirth Class


This class is designed to meet the unique educational needs of our expectant moms, this highly informative one day class will prepare you for your baby's arrival. The class will cover what every mommy-to-be should know about the last trimester of pregnancy, labor and birth, and postpartum. Topics include:

Third trimester discomforts
Pre-labor signs
Stages of Labor and birth
Hospital Practices
Medications and Medical Interventions
Postpartum and newborn Care
Includes a tour of the Labor and Delivery and Post Partum Units


All instructors are certified Childbirth Educators. This class is not affiliated with any specific birthing practice (Lamaze, Bradley Method, Hypnobirthing etc). This class covers what to expect prior, during and after your labor and delivery, post partum and baby care.

We provide snacks throughout the day. You will have an hour lunch break, where you may purchase lunch at local restaurants, hospital cafeteria or bring a bag lunch.

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Watch the experience below!

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