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Hospital Tour - Florida Hospital for Women

Very excited to be partnering with Florida Hospital and share with you a little series about my Maternity and Delivery journey. This series is all about my experience taking the Hospital Tour, Prenatal Clases, and my actual Labor and Delivery Story.


Starting with the Hospital Tour, I have to say that taking the tour was crucial to me, and so I believe it should be for any expectant parents. There are so many fears when it comes to pregnancy; At least in my experience and what I have heard from other first-time expectant mothers. With that being said, getting informed, familiarizing yourself with the environment, and knowing what to expect are key in order to ease those fears and have a much better experience.



In my case, I solidified my decision of having our baby at the Florida Hospital for Women Orlando right after we took the tour. I loved that I got to experience what the Labor and Delivery environment was like beforehand, which helped me create my Birth Plan/Wishes in advance. Speaking of Birth Plan/Wishes, their Baby Place offers the ability of customizing your Birth/Delivery experience. That is another area I loved about this hospital in particular. The actual process of selecting the amenities and expressing my Birth Wishes was almost like planning an event. This is of course setting the expectation that we can't completely predict/plan how that day will go exactly. However, having an actual plan and being able to express my wishes for this life-changing experience gave me a great peace of mind.



The actual tour is given by one of the birth coordinators from the Baby Place. She starts by explaining what to do and where to go once you are in labor and arrive at the hospital (which is the Triage area). You can also call triage if you are not sure what to do and they can guide you via phone. Then, the tour continues by showing the rest of the hospital facilities; The lobby, the Marketplace, the Labor/Delivery suites, and finally the recovery rooms. The tour itself is very informative. It describes how things might go during the entire process since you arrive at the hospital and all the available options. During the tour you are also allowed to ask as many questions as you wish. They also provide informational materials, a goodie bag, and the actual Birth Wishes form to be filled out.


Overall, I was so pleased with the tour and all the information it provided me and my husband. Once again, I totally recommend taking this tour! It will definitely guide you and provide all the information needed before the big day!

See the locations available and schedule your tour HERE

I also recommend doing the online Pre-Registration in order to save time and have all the information needed.

Watch the actual tour below!

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