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HYD For men Product Review!

HYD For men Product Review!

Hi Girls... & Guys!

This is our review on the HYD For men Shaving products. We received these products and tested them for about 3 weeks. The products we got are the Shave Cream, the Buffer Stick and the Razor Shield.

SHAVE CREAM - $12.99 - HYD For Men Shave Cream allows your razor to glide effortlessly across your skin, resulting in a comfortable, more precise shave. Source:

OPINION: My husband has very sensitive-Acne prone skin. He really liked the Shaving Lotion because it did not break him up, and it was very moisturizing. The formula does help the razor glide on very easily, and a little bit goes a long way. Overall, he said he did enjoy it and he would re-purchase. However, he wishes the price was a little bit cheaper for this product.

BUFFER STICK - $ 24.99 - HYD For Men Buffer Stick exfoliates and energizes skin, allowing for deep hydration, while preventing ingrown hairs. Source:

OPINION: Love this one. The price is definitely worth it. It definitely helps prevent ingrown hair and exfoliates the skin very well. My husband never used any type of exfoliant before and he really loved this one. Would repurchase again.

RAZOR SHIELD - $17.99 90 uses. Lasts 3-12 months, depending on grooming frequency. A proprietary formula that coats and protects razor blades, preventing oxidation and calcification to greatly extend razor blade life. Source:

OPINION: Best product! Money saver!

We absolutely loved this one! it works for my razors as well!

razors are so expensive and this product totally helps prevent oxidation and truly extends the life of a razor. Will definitely re-purchase again.

 The packaging is sleek and elegant. The quality is great and they work as stated.

 Ok guys, so that was our review on the HYD For Men products. We did enjoy the products very much and would recommend them. They are perfect for gifts as well.

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